I am a former corporate job holder with over 10 years of experience supporting various high-level managers, but have found that my enthusiasm for data, metrics, and organization is better suited helping small businesses grow! As on Online Business Manager with an MBA and leadership training, I have the expertise to help small businesses optimize their technical back-office details; and have been doing so for 3+ years now.

I can double-check details and fine-tune processes all day long. But what my clients do with the data-driven information and organized processes is what is most exciting for me – they make better informed decisions – and that is POWERFUL.

Every small contribution to improve a business can make a big impact on not only their customers but also their team, and that's why I'm here to help businesses manage what's necessary to succeed.

Let's work together to take your business to the next level and make your customers’ world a better place!

Hi there! I’m Samantha.


[Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor]

 I can help you keep your finances in order by providing worry-free support and customized systems.

Bookkeeping Processes

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 I can help you take advantage of useful data so you can make sound business decisions.

Data Collection & Metrics

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I can help you utilize CRM systems to ensure potential, new, repeat and former customer relationships are managed properly.

Customer Relationships

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I can help you plan, execute, monitor and control all types of projects.

Project Management

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I can help you define, analyze, improve and manage your business processes to increase efficiency and utilize resources effectively.

Process Improvement

What can I help you with?

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Working with Samantha has been amazing. She’s helped me solve problems that I hadn’t necessarily seen in the past. She is organized, proactive, dependable and I’m thankful for her diligence!

Kadisha, Marketing & Brand Strategist

Personality Types


  • Cares a great deal about personal relationships
  • Practical person who thrives in helping professions
  • Involved, socially aware and willing to go the extra mile


  • Passion for getting to the heart of the issue
  • High moral standards and strong focus on the future
  • Ability to take idealism and translate it into action

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