You wear multiple hats in your business and when you are doing it all you don’t have time to document your processes, much less improve them. Do you need help streamlining your business?

I help my clients define, analyze, improve and manage their business processes to increase efficiency and utilize resources effectively.

Services can include:
  • process mapping & analysis
  • workflow design & automation
  • software implementation
  • standard operating procedure (SOP) creation
  • process management & continuous improvement

Process Improvement


You are spreading yourself too thin trying to manage everything. What projects are slowing you down or keeping you away from working on tasks you enjoy?

I help my clients plan, execute, monitor and control all types of projects.

Services can include:
  • project planning
  • task & schedule management
  • team member collaboration support
  • software tools set up and support
  • milestone tracking & reporting

Project Management


Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. Ensuring customer satisfaction while keeping track of each relationship is daunting.

I help my clients utilize CRM systems to ensure potential, new, repeat and former customer relationships are managed properly.

Services can include:
  • CRM software consulting
  • CRM system set up
  • Regular CRM maintenance
  • Task Management for Customer Service
  • CRM software training

Customer Relationships


You don’t have time to even think about HOW to collect data for your business, let alone actually set it up.  

I help my clients take advantage of useful data so they can make sound business decisions. 

Services can include:
  • new data collection and/or automation design
  • recurring data collection
  • track & report essential business metrics
  • metric creation & sustainment
  • data collection training

Data Collection & Metrics

data & metrics SUPPORT →

You are struggling to keep up with your books. Is your time best spent entering expenses and chasing payments?  

I help my clients keep their finances in order by providing worry-free support and customized systems.

Services can include:
  • accounting software set up
  • catch up and/or clean up support
  • recurring maintenance
  • bank & data entry automation
  • invoicing, budget building, employee/subcontractor tracking



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